Saturday, February 10, 2007

Work is at a stand still.

O.K.... Have been trying to learn more about this blogger stuff and the web. I've not been working on the boat too much lately. Having some health issues. It seems that having bronchitis, temperatures hovering around zero, 4"-6" of snow and 3 or 4 days of stripping the glue, adheisives, epoxy and fiberglass with a heat gun and a putty knife out in my shop apparently do not go together very well. Lungs are quite racked right now. Will resume soon though.

I did get all of the glue, goo and gunk off of the boat though as well as the fiberglass on the top of the cabin and bow. She's bare wood now, inside and out. This pic was taken just b-4 finishing the stripping... you can still see some of the blue paint and goo on the inside of the cabins interior.

I have most of the pieces for the new floor and it's support's and bracing all cut and shaped and ready to be coated with CPES, and then they can be installed. Also, I've cut all of the pieces to form the new fuel cell's inclosure. This will be in the cabin under the bed. These pieces will have to be coated with CPES as well. Am awaiting for temps outside to get high enough to open my shop doors for ventilation. My only heat source in the shop is a diesel powered salamander.
!!!!!!!! CPES doesn't mix well with open flames !!!!!!!!

To be continued: