Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shop Notes:

I've been down for awhile. Seems like I must have worn out the 80 gig hard drive in this computer. Had to send the computer to the doctor and have the hard drive replaced.

Anyway... while it was out... I had to bend another board. Rather than remove my gutter's downspout again, I opted to go ahead and build a simple steam box. Wow, it works great to.

Nothing fancy here.

The hinged door is sealed with standard weather stripping and the box itself has dowel rod inserted throughout the sides to support the wood and allow the steam to surround the workpiece. 45 minutes to warm up the box and 45 - 60 minutes of steam and we have bendable wood.

I used the same heater and boiler set up as before. A really nifty little gadget. All was made out of scrap laying around the shop and even the hinge and weather stripping was salvaged from another project in the past.

As far as what I've been working on .............. I've been trying to finish up the fuel cells inclosure as well as the bracing for the floor above the fuel cell. I've also been filling holes... lots and lots of holes. Other than this, there's not much to report