Saturday, June 23, 2007

Well, it's Saturday night now (June 23, 07) and I thought that I might update this blog.
A couple of nights ago I actually decided to work a bit on the boat. It's been quite some time since I have as I've been very busy with work and our yard.

I've had the cabin & cockpit soles (the floor surfaces) partially removed for quite sometime now to install another floor (a brace under the actual floor surface).
I had replaced the entire floor and it's bracing over the winter but, failed to seal up the screw holes underneith... some 85 or so holes... a futile effort on my part - - - to be lazy.

Anyway, I finished removing the 4 sections of plywood that make up the soles. I mixed up some filler epoxy and commensed to filling said holes. While these sections of plywood were removed, I thought that I might as well go ahead and mix up some CPES and saturate the screw holes in the plywood where it is fastened to the floors.

The plywood is now completely reinstalled and I am confident that if anything fails it will be my craftsmanship and not water damage such as rot.
Something to remember... This is not a "NEW" build. I'm only repairing and old boat and although I wish to do my best... and hope that it looks good too (whenever possible), I am using scrap wood whenever possible as well as reusing old wood taken from the boat to reduce my cost. The plywood for the soles (in the picture above) is new lumber as well as the floors (braces) but many of the pieces not so noticible are made of either scraps or wood removed from the boat. Some of it is not attractive but, "oh well". "They're in the bildge... right".
I am under no illusions about what this boat is worth or what it will be worth when it is completed. So, I am making every effort to keep cost to a minimum. I do still intend for this boat to survive another 20 or 30 years if not more.